Dr. Mary Odafe

Clinical Psychotherapist

Dr. Mary Odafe graduated with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston. Her extensive training in community-based and medical settings provides her with a wholistic perspective on care. Consistent with the values of Grounded Wellness, Dr. Odafe aims to incorporate the whole self – mental, physical, and spiritual – in a treatment plan that best serves you. Dr. Odafe strongly believes in providing multiculturally-competent care for BIPOC, with a special interest in immigrant and aging populations. She is committed to de-stigmatizing mental illness and empowering various cultural communities through education, self-care, and emotional healing. Dr. Odafe provides individual and group therapy to adults, in addition to educational workshops.

Read more about Dr. Odafe's perspective in her blog post, “Therapy” and other Dirty Words: Addressing Cultural Stigma of Mental Illness in Diverse Communities

Dr. Odafe is currently not accepting new patients for individual therapy. 

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My Approach to Therapy

I believe that past experiences and cultural worldview form the foundation of how we experience the world today. My practice is rooted in a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach and incorporates related theories. Therapy sessions with me typically involve collaborating to develop specific and achievable goals, evaluating your beliefs about the world, self, and others, and developing new ways to approach existing problems. In other cases, therapy sessions may focus on empowering you to become “un-stuck” and commit to a life that is fulfilling to you, in spite of unchanging circumstances. Additionally, I believe in implementing daily skills to promote wellness such as restorative exercise, mindful meditation, relaxation training, and prayer. 


I consider it a privilege to work with you and appreciate the vulnerability that is involved seeking therapy. My goal is to create a safe space to obtain knowledge, understanding, skills and growth in hopes of striving toward a healthier you.


B.S. in Psychology (University of Cincinnati) 

M.A. in Clinical Psychology (University of Houston)

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (University of Houston)

Selected Publications

Popular Press:

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conversation with Frances Fowler Wallace Memorial Award winner Mary Odafe. Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://hogg.utexas.edu/children-of-immigrants-psychological-risk-and-resilience


Selected Academic Publications:


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