Health Coaching

You want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and building those habits and breaking old ones is HARD! Many people struggle with this, which is why health coaching is becoming more common as a tool. 

Did you know that medical doctors get very little (if any) training in nutrition or exercise habits? A health coach can fill this gap. Do any of these statements sound like you? 

I want to live healthier, but I don't know where to start!

Your health coach can support you in seeing exactly how you may be sabotaging yourself and hold you accountable to your goals. 

There's too much nutrition and health information! How do I know what to believe?

I think I found a healthy lifestyle that could work for me, but I keep "falling off the wagon." 

We all know that that the Internet is a gift and a curse. Your health coach can support you in sorting through the information and filtering it with YOU in mind. You will work together to create
eating habits and lifestyle habits that support you in your overall
goals and well-being.

A health coach can support you by asking you the questions you need to figure out your starting point and what is most important to you in transforming your lifestyle habits.

How Health Coaching Works at Grounded Wellness


Learn more about each of our health coaches, their areas of expertise and how they can help you. It's a personal relationship, so we want you to find someone you really connect with. 


Your Health Coach will send you an email with some more information about how to sign our agreement (signing the agreement is not a commitment to pay anything!) and a link to your first meeting via Zoom. 


When you're ready to work on your health goals, schedule more sessions with your Health Coach. You'll be able to pay when you book your appointment. Buy a pack of sessions to save some money!


Once you've picked your health coach, schedule your Initial Health Coaching session with them. It's FREE!


Meet with your Health Coach via Zoom from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. All you need a stable Internet connection. Your Health Coach will help you clarify  your goals and share how they can help you reach them.  


Schedule sessions with your Health Coach as they fit your life and your budget. You can schedule your sessions as needed and do not have to sign up for a program. Growth and health do not happen in a straight line. We are here for you when you are ready to make a change!

Our Health Coaches

Proactive Lifestyle Changes

Healthy Living for Families

Stress Management

Health Coach and Coordinator

Dana Medlin

Photo Feb 08, 12 17 12 PM.jpg

Gut Health

Healthy Mindset

Body Composition

Health Coach

Matthew Gines

Website_photo_Lisa Trogdon.jpg

Holistic Health

Health with Chronic Illness

Hope Focused Mindset

Health Coach

Lisa Trogdon

Photo Feb 08, 6 47 08 PM.jpg

Health Coach

Jillian Faulks-Majuta

Mindfulness & Movement

Relationship with Food

Health Habits for Parents

Tyler Chancellor.jpg

Health Coach

Tyler Chancellor

Weight Management

Nutrition Basics/Education

Stress Management

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