Health Coaching

You want to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and building those habits and breaking old ones is HARD! Many people struggle with this, which is why health coaching is becoming more common as a tool. 

Did you know that medical doctors get very little (if any) training in nutrition or exercise habits? A health coach can fill this gap. Do any of these statements sound like you? 

I want to live healthier, but I don't know where to start!

Your health coach can support you in seeing exactly how you may be sabotaging yourself and hold you accountable to your goals. 

There's too much nutrition and health information! How do I know what to believe?

I think I found a healthy lifestyle that could work for me, but I keep "falling off the wagon." 

We all know that that the Internet is a gift and a curse. Your health coach can support you in sorting through the information and filtering it with YOU in mind. You will work together to create
eating habits and lifestyle habits that support you in your overall
goals and well-being.

A health coach can support you by asking you the questions you need to figure out your starting point and what is most important to you in transforming your lifestyle habits.

How Health Coaching Works at Grounded Wellness


Learn more about each of our health coaches, their areas of expertise and how they can help you. It's a personal relationship, so we want you to find someone you really connect with. 


Your Health Coach will send you an email with some more information about how to sign our agreement (signing the agreement is not a commitment to pay anything!) and a link to your first meeting via 


When you're ready to work on your health goals, schedule more sessions with your Health Coach. You'll be able to pay when you book your appointment. Buy a pack of sessions to save some money!


Once you've picked your health coach, schedule your Initial Health Coaching session with them. It's FREE!


Meet with your Health Coach via from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. All you need a stable Internet connection. Your Health Coach will help you clarify  your goals and share how they can help you reach them.  


Schedule sessions with your Health Coach as they fit your life and your budget. You can schedule your sessions as needed and do not have to sign up for a program. Growth and health do not happen in a straight line. We are here for you when you are ready to make a change!

Wellness Groups

Sometimes things work better as a team! We also offer Wellness Groups, hosted by our group coaches where you and a few other people can work towards your health goals together. Benefits of the group format are: 

1. Compassion Cultivation: The wellness industry is focused on outcomes and achievement. This focus leads the industry (as a whole) to neglect the unique aspects of you as a WHOLE person. In an effort for our journey to be more compassionate and more useful to your unique needs, we need as many spaces as possible that combat the messages of dieting, BMI, and exercise as punishment. In a group where we agree that our journeys need compassion, we can practice extending that compassion to ourselves AND others. 


2. Perspective: While each person's journey is unique, we all benefit from hearing other people's approach, struggles, and solutions. In a group, you get multiple perspectives and a higher chance of learning something that is helpful to you. 


3. Cost: Money matters! Our regular individual health coaching sessions cost $45 per session. In the group format, we are able to bring the cost down to $22 per session! We hope that this makes your participation in group and active involvement in your wellness journey more sustainable. 

We keep the group size to a maximum of FIVE participants. You can bring some friends (all you need is their name and email address to get started) or let us know that you would be willing to be randomly assigned to a group. 

The topics are chosen by your group, not dictated ahead of time, so it really is a personalized approach. The meeting time of the group is also determined by when you are all available. Click below to sign up. Filling out the form is not a commitment, just an indication of your interest. Take this next step towards a healthy lifestyle! 

Our Health Coaches
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Health Coach & Coordinator

Lisa Trogdon

Holistic Health

Health with Chronic Illness

Hope Focused Mindset


Rodnisha Ford

Health Coach

Holistic Health 


Healthy Lifestyle Change

Your first health coaching session is FREE!