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Top 3 Areas of Focus
Holistic Health
Health with Chronic Illness
Hope-Focused Mindset
Lisa Trogdon 
Health Coach
Lisa is a certified health coach and received her training from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Some other important roles in her life include wife, mother, grandmama, registered nurse and nurse educator, and author. As a heart attack and stroke survivor, Lisa has a unique perspective on health that inspires her to guide others on their journey toward well-being. She understands the emotional overwhelm and mental noise you might feel when attempting to make healthy behavioral changes and believes that slow, steady progress leads to success. Lisa has experience in helping clients overcome resistance to change while supporting them as they develop their individualized, holistic approach to health. She can help you recognize your current strengths and develop strategies to use those strengths to your advantage. Lisa is a good health coach if you have ever felt like giving up on your health goals and for anyone facing the challenges of chronic illness.

"Start where you are and start today!"