Health Coaches

Dr. Rebecca Hubbard


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor

Dr. Rebecca Hubbard is a licensed clinical psychologist and the owner of Grounded Wellness LLC. The company represents everything she values: self-awareness, authenticity, strong relationships, and living a healthy life. She offers therapy, sport and performance psychology consultations, and workshops for radical self-care. 


Dr. Dia Mason


Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Dia Anjali Mason is a licensed clinical psychologist and joined Grounded Wellness because she is passionate about awareness and compassion and values understanding ourselves as cultural beings. She has experience providing support for cultural adjustment, life transitions, trauma, family conflict, interpersonal difficulties, grief, anxiety, and depression. 


Tashana Mattis


Licensed Social Worker


Tashana joined Grounded Wellness  because she is deeply invested in providing healing spaces for pain, trauma, and self-discovery. She provides individual therapy and co-leads educational workshops. 


Tenisia Adams


Advanced Graduate Student Psychotherapist

Tenisia joined Grounded Wellness  to help people discover their individual life path and define for themselves, who they want to be. She provides individual therapy and co-leads educational workshops. 

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Lisa Trogdon

Health Coach

Health Coach Coordinator

Lisa is a good health coach if you have ever felt like giving up on your health goals and for anyone facing the challenges of chronic illness.


Rodnisha Ford

Health Coach

Rodnisha is a great health coach for you if you are ready to connect with and listen to your body, create new habits for lasting change, or if you’re tired of being stuck.