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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
- Unknown
Grounded Wellness has partnered with several other businesses who share our mission of helping people access self-care, especially people who identify as Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. 

Haji Healing Salon is a vibrant wellness enterprise centering the needs of BBIPOC  (Black and Brown Indigenous People of Color) and all who endeavor to heal themselves, while expanding and rising through the challenges of our time. Grounded Wellness is Haji Healing Salon's Community Mental Health Parter. We collaborate on events and offerings to broaden your tool box and enter a healing lifestyle. 

We've partnered with Mike's Vegan Fudge, a Black owned small business in Chicago in service of our Grounded Wellness Community Fund. Enjoy Mike's decadent, healthy alternative to your usual sweets. Savor the dark chocolate sweetened with maple syrup in a smoothie, as a spread, or as a frozen treat, or a hot fudge topping. No matter how you choose to indulge, your body will thank you for putting in organic hemp protein. When you make a purchase, you'll have a chance donate to our Grounded Wellness Community Fund to provide free therapy and health coaching to BIPOC in financial need. Eat fudge and do good at the same time! We believe that your wellness does not mean depriving yourself of joy.


SHANAE is a black-owned business that believes in making self care simple, fun, and fair for all. On their mission to support your self-care through resources and products, they stand for ethical and fairly sourced materials and giving back to the community. In line with the community give-back aspect of their mission, SHANAE donates 10% of their profits to our Grounded Wellness Community Fund. Your self-care directly impacts other people's healing journey. Learn more about their self-care products here: